Know the Bible's Story, Book by Book


Oct 10 - Oct 24


Rockrimmon Campus
Worship Center Multi-Purpose Room


No Cost

Leader(s): Tim Davis

We can all explain the storyline of our favorite television series: "In season 1 this happens. Then in season 2 this happens." But walking a new believer from Genesis through Exodus to Leviticus and so on, isn't so easy. Tim Davis will guide you to do so.

By the end of this 3-week class, you will be able to tell the Old Testament story, book by book. Get excited, because you'll present this story on night 3!

The Old Testament story runs from Genesis to Nehemiah. For each of these books, you'll learn:

1) The Road Map: how the book begins, ends, and moves from beginning to end.

2) The Glue: a unifying idea the glues the book together.

3) The Bridge: how this book plays a role in God's redemptive agenda that's ultimately accomplished through Jesus.

You'll learn through teaching and group discussions! By night 3 of this class, you'll write out the Bible's story, book-by-book from Genesis to Nehemiah, and present it to the class! 

If you want to engage Scripture with a greater sense of delight and help others do the same, learning to tell the Bible's story is a necessary first step.

Registration closed on Tuesday, November 1, 2022