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Studying the Word

Spending time in God's word is important to every believers faith walk. In a season when we are consuming so much information about politics, Coronavirus and racial tensions, what if we committed to daily consume God’s Word and be filled with His perspective? From Oct. 1 – Dec. 31st we want to invite you to consider reading through the New Testament chronologically.

If you’re new to reading Scripture and this daily habit feels overwhelming at first, you could choose to listen to the Bible being read to you through the YouVersion app explained below.

As you read or listen to God’s Word, consider what you learn about God’s character, about His heart for unity, about His promises and anything He’s encouraging you to believe think or do.


The Bible Recap New Testament Reading plan

This Bible Recap reading plan is a chronological reading plan and follows the New Testament Scriptures as the events occurred. This plan also includes the Bible Project intro videos to each book before you start reading that book of scripture. It’s in the devotional section of that day’s reading.

To subscribe to this plan on your phone, you'll need to download the YouVersion Bible App to your iPhone or Android and then search for "Bible Recap New Testament" under the plans tab on the bottom of the app.

If you want to dive deeper, there is also a corresponding podcast episode that goes along with each day’s reading (scroll down for more info).

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The Bible recap podcast goes along with each day’s reading. It’s 5-8 minutes long, explains how that section of scripture relates to the whole story of scripture, and explains things that might be more confusing.

Subscribe to the Bible Recap on your preferred podcast platform:

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