These are the beliefs that unite the people of Woodmen. They are gospel-centered and firmly rooted in the Bible. Although we are a non-denominational church, we are committed to these time-tested essential truths of the Christian faith. They serve as our true north, defining who we are as a church and permeating the way we live.

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In the statement of doctrine above, we covered the central truths that are essential to the Christian faith. We now turn to our understanding of other facets of our faith which, though brothers and sisters in Christ may disagree on the particulars, still play significant roles in the way we live and practice our faith as a church community.


God calls us to shepherd His church in orderly and intentional ways. Our leadership structure includes an Elder Council made up of discerning and mature Christ followers who have a history of faithful and effective ministry at Woodmen. They prayerfully provide guidance and discernment for the ministries of Woodmen. Alongside our Woodmen staff, deacons and commissioned leaders also serve and share their gifts in a variety of ways to glorify God and grow His church.