Prison Ministry


We are a community of Christ-followers who believe in fulfilling Christ’s command to visit those in prison. We live out that commission by sending teams into various prisons around our state to hold services and Bible studies, with the goal of building lasting relationships with incarcerated men and women that might result in genuine discipleship.

We live out Christ's commission by serving the men and women who are released back into the community from Colorado’s prisons and jails. We do this by providing reentry services that will help each person get what they need for successful transition. This help can be physical needs, life coaching, spiritual mentoring, and family support for family members who wish to journey with their loved ones through the transition process. Our transitional ministry will be immediate and temporary, ending after the offender is stable. Those services include, but are not limited to, rent assistance (one-time only), bus pass, clothes, etc. While we are committed to try to help everyone who comes to us regardless of their religion, it is our goal to show Christ in everything we do, and to draw people to Him alone for their every need and support.

It is the mission of Woodmen's Prison Ministries to build intentional relationships with offenders and families impacted by incarceration, and transition back into the community, for the purpose of creating productive citizens, and building Christ-following Disciples whenever possible.

In providing this help, it is our goal in each life to help them successfully transition through their supervision in the community and to ultimately be self-sustaining. We consider a person a success if they have consistent employment, are able to pay all of their bills without outside help, they are saving money, and they are making good life choices that will keep them out of legal trouble.


I was naked and you clothed me, I was sick and you visited me, I was in prison and you came to me. Matthew 25:36

Every life has worth, even the life that is marked with devastating mistakes. We want to invest in the future success of the people we work with, and this is how we do that:

Inside Prison Ministries:
We have teams of men and women at WVC that go into prisons on monthly and weekly schedules to hold services and Bible Studies for incarcerated men and women in Colorado. These services give us a chance to develop intentional relationships with people who need discipleship and mentoring.

Aftercare Ministries:
Once an offender is released, they need emotional, spiritual and physical support. We provide that by walking alongside of people who are transitioning back into our community. The greatest thing we have to offer is relationship, and our greatest desire is to "do life" with these folks. While we help the transitioning offender with immediate physical needs, we are also offering them emotional/spiritual mentoring and helping them develop life skills that will make them self-sustainable.

How can you help?
We are always looking for new volunteers to strengthen our inside and outside teams. If you would like to visit a prison during one of our service times, even if just out of curiosity, we would love to have you as a guest. This is a great way for you to see if this ministry is for you.

If you go inside on a visit, and feel you could be used differently, then we could introduce you to our Aftercare Team to learn what we are doing for offenders as they transition back into our communities.

As always, we covet your prayers. If you do not want to be immediately involved, you could remember us as we work in this very unique mission field to fulfill Christ's command.

For more info contact our Prison Ministry Team by email or 719-388-4918


This group offers spiritual support, information on how the system works and physical support in many situations.
For more info contact Prison Ministry Pastor Howie Close