In Light of the Virus

Thanks for visiting Woodmen on the web. Out of care for our neighbors and in compliance with government directives, we’re not meeting face-to-face for a while. While much of this page doesn’t apply today, we’ve left this info here for you to catch a vision for how we’ll gather and connect and serve when we come together again. To get the latest info on how you can join in the ways we’re following Jesus and doing church during the virus outbreak, click HERE.



Do you ever feel like you’re made for something bigger than just yourself? We do too. It stems from the way God created each of us. 

He crafted us with longings and gifts to be part of His redemptive work on earth. He calls us not only to go TO church, but to BE the church — to live as Christ-followers on mission. So you’ll find lots of opportunities to give and serve through Woodmen.

We trust God as the creator of all we are and all we have—the source of our abilities and finances. So we invite everyone who calls Woodmen home to respond by giving thankfully and generously (2 Cor. 9:11-12). As we give back to God, our gifts become a catalyst to support the work of ministry.

Jesus’ life was one of sacrificial service and He calls us to follow His example (Mark 10:42-45). To follow his leading in our lives, we seek to use the gifts He’s given us for the sake of the gospel (Romans 12:1). 

What does it look like to contribute through serving? For us at Woodmen, sometimes it could be as simple as shoveling snow from a neighbor’s sidewalk or changing a diaper in the nursery at church, other times it might mean journeying around the globe to Peru or India to share the love of God.


We hope you’ll join us as together we share the love of Christ through serving the church, serving our city and serving the world.

Contribute Through Serving     Contribute Through Giving