20s/30s July 15 Hangout: Hiking & Pizza

Join us at a fun summer event planned for Saturday, July 15! Hike starts at 4 pm - if that's not your thing, come join us for a pizza dinner at 6 pm!

A Few Things You Should Know:

  • Meet at Palmer Park Parking Spot 15 (if rain, meet at Palmer Park Meadows Pavilion)
  • Watch Facebook in case of weather changes Lots of rocks to sit on but bring a chair if you prefer!
  • Feel free to bring your dog - they like hiking too! Leashes are required in this area.




Everybody is looking for a place to belong. But with the crazy pace of modern life, from long workdays to kids sports to piles of homework, it can seem impossible to really connect with others. Most days we’d trade a thousand Instagram followers for one face-to-face smile from a true friend.

We understand that even in church, just finding someone to talk to can seem overwhelming. We get it, and we’re here for you! 

We believe God created us for community and that the Bible invites us to a radical kind of belonging. Jesus said the world would know we’re from God by our loving unity. The Apostle Paul calls the church a body — connected and relying on each other to fulfill our mission. 

So at Woodmen, crafting a culture of belonging is a big part of who we are. While we see this culture permeating everything we do, our Connect Ministry exists solely to foster this culture of personal connections. We’d love to say hello and hear your story, and provide opportunities for you to connect with Christ and others through Woodmen. 

Here are three easy ways you can take the first step to connect:

  • Swing by Connect Central before or after any of our weekend services. There are friendly people there who’ll help you find a way that works for you to connect.
  • Email our pastor of Connect Ministries, Bill Roberson. Bill and his team are ready to help you get plugged in at Woodmen.
  • Text CONNECT to 719-822-0040. We’ll be in touch right away with next steps for you to begin to get to know people at Woodmen.