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Come Explore Your Calling!

Not sure where God is calling you? We hear you!  God put it on our hearts to join young leaders as you look to the future. Join a group of young leaders just like yourself bringing their talents and energy to Woodmen. And be equipped with leadership experiences, discovery classes, and mentorship to launch into what God has next for you! Woodmen's Leadership Residency provides two pathways where you'll develop leadership skills, gain practical experience, refine your talents and discover where God wants you to use them. Are you ready?

Leadership Residency Programs:

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Explore Your Future

Spend 10 weeks to see what it's like to work in a church.

Join 15 interns on an adventure to know God more, learn about yourself, work hard and have a blast!


Define Your Future

Invest 9 months to develop specific skills.

Seven residents dive deep into who God is, ministry muscle building, and being a Christ-like leader for a lifetime.