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Woodmen Leadership Residency fosters a lifetime of Christ-centered leading, continuous discovery, and courageous launching to God's calling for young leaders.


A great candidate is hardworking, ready for anything, and has a positive attitude.

An intern loves God and wants to know more about Him. Interns probably don’t know for sure if they want to work at a church. Our internship is created to ask the question, "God, are you calling me to vocational ministry?" Any major is welcome to apply for this opportunity, but if you know you're going to be a teacher, accountant, or something not in vocational ministry, then this will not be a good fit. You should know you want to refine your leadership skills, work hard, and have a ton of fun! 

An intern should desire leadership responsibilities and impact actual church projects. An intern should strive to do their best while ready to receive coaching from a mentor during your summer.

At the end of the internship, you'll have a better idea of where God is leading you to serve – in church ministry or elsewhere. 

Interns are typically college students ages 19 to 22.


A great candidate is humble, self-motivated, and strives for excellence.

Resident candidates usually have an internship or some volunteer experience. When we think of the word resident we think of a doctor or someone who has the degree and direction, but they need to refine their skills and specialty with an expert before they start their own practice. Residents are mentored into a larger role in their team and the church over time. 

Residents have skills and abilities ready to be used. We see you as employees, adding value to the teams and individuals around Woodmen Valley Chapel. Residents are excited to serve, collaborate, and lead with excellence. Residents are comfortable succeeding and/or making mistakes.

At the end of the residency, you’ll have a network to support you and a variety of leadership experiences to launch you into your next job. Residents should not expect to get a job at Woodmen.

Residents are typically college graduates ages 22 to 24.

God created you with unique talents and gifts. Find a team where you can use them!



Is this any fun?

Hello. We're in Colorado, one of the coolest places to live!

As an Intern or a Resident, you'll work hard and play hard. We’re looking for individuals who want to experience God in amazing ways serving at a church as well as experiencing God's creation. We’ll have some planned excursions as a resident leadership group. You'll be encouraged to experience all that Colorado has to offer: hiking, rafting, skiing, sand dunes, wildlife, sports, arts, etc.


Woodmen Valley Chapel is located in Colorado Springs, Colorado – an established church of 40 years that's in touch with the technological advancements of today. With our four campuses of different sizes spread across the city and our prison ministry in Ark Valley, you'll be able to experience a variety of ministry settings while you're here!

Woodmen has a culture of light-heartedness as we're far from perfect, but we follow a perfect God who doesn't want us to compromise the Truth of the Bible in any way. Our staff of 100+ has a wide variety of ministry experience. They'll share stories and wisdom each week during our leadership class time. We're a place for you to ask tough questions to know yourself and strengthen your theology, even if you realize it's different than ours.