Serving through Woodmen

A Peruvian mother smiles as clean drinking water trickles into her bucket for the first time. A volunteer in Colorado Springs teaches English to an immigrant who’s excited about a job interview next month. A Woodmen Kids leader tells a Bible story to a class full of wide-eyed six-year-olds. A pastor in India pedals into a remote village on his new bicycle. 

What do these moments have in common? Welcome to serving through Woodmen!

God calls each of us to love generously and sacrificially and we believe that this love involves more than just words.  We’re inviting everyone at Woodmen to participate in the flourishing of others for His glory, to live as bringers of God’s compassion, justice and mercy. 

Interested in joining us? We’re equipping and empowering people to be part of the work of ministry in three areas: our church, our city and our world.


There are lots of fun opportunities to serve within our own church. It takes hundreds of ministry partners each week to serve and care for those who come to Woodmen seeking Christ’s love. From community group leaders, to ushers and greeters, to worship and tech teams to kids ministry to you-name-it, there’s a spot for you to dive in. A kind word or smile from you could change a life. Join the team and help make Woodmen a welcoming place to connect with Jesus and others.


We’re making a difference in Colorado Springs. Woodmen teams serve those in need in a variety of practical and spiritual ways. From the Westside Community Center to our Mobile Kitchen, from ESL classes to repairing bicycles to collecting food for the hungry, you can serve in a way that makes a big impact and aligns with how God has wired you.


God’s love is for everyone and His mercy extends to all people. So we seek to reflect his hope and justice in the nations. We’re partnering with organizations like Compassion International, CURE, Empart and ELIC, working through local churches to see people thrive and meet practical and spiritual needs. Find out how you can join us in making an impact around the globe.