One Church in Multiple Locations

You might be wondering, why does Woodmen have more than one campus?

Good question!

Experience has taught us that as we welcome more people into what God is doing at Woodmen, it’s important to invite people into smaller communities. Our campuses are vital in fostering these caring communities where relationships can flourish.

Your campus is a hub for you to connect with friends in your part of town. This allows us to leverage the resources of a big church, while keeping the things you love about a neighborhood church. We hope to inspire greater community impact and foster a culture where Woodmen people are ministering and being salt and light every day in their local areas.

Most weekends, we share the same teaching brought by our lead pastor of teaching and vision, Josh Lindstrom. Each location also has a campus pastor to lead and care for the local congregation.


Central Office

West of 1-25 and Woodmen Road
290 E. Woodmen Rd, CO Springs




NE Colorado Springs
8292 Woodmen Valley Vw, CO Springs

Campus Page



In Bear Creek Elementary School
1330 Creekside Dr, Monument

Campus Page



West of 1-25 and Woodmen Road
290 E Woodmen Rd, CO Springs

Campus Page



In Vanguard High School (SUNDAYS ONLY)
1605 S Corona Ave, CO Springs

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Ark Valley PRISON

12750 Highway 96 (SATURDAYS ONLY)
Crowley, CO 81034

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