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Whether it’s watching the sunset from a boat on the Sea of Galilee, exploring the ruins of ancient Ephesus, or walking in the shade of olive trees in Gethsemane, experiencing biblical historical sites offers the opportunity to enrich your faith. See the words of scripture come alive in fresh ways as you walk in the footsteps of King David, the Apostle Paul or Christ Himself. If you lead others in Bible study, this is a great for you to deepen your understanding of Biblical events and pass along your experience to those you serve and teach. Check the list below for info on upcoming tours.

Greece 2024 & Israel 2025 trip information coming soon!

Greece 2024

12-Day “Journey of Paul” tour including Greek Isle cruise with optional Rome, Italy extension.

Oct 11 to Oct 22, 2024 | Optional Rome, Italy Extension - Oct 22-25

Trace the fingerprints of history as you explore the sights, the culture, and the early civilizations of Greece. Retracing the “Footsteps of Paul and the Apostles” as you seek the majesty of the Divine by exploring the city of Athens, Corinth, and Rome, Italy.

Led By Pastor Josh Lindstrom

Tour Provided By Faith Based Expeditions

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