Woodmen Elders & Deacons

Those who have served well gain an excellent standing and great assurance in their faith in Christ Jesus."
(1 Timothy 3:13)

Woodmen is governed by an Elder Board. Josh Lindstrom, our Lead Pastor of Teaching and Vision, serves as an elder and is accountable to our elder board. Woodmen Valley Chapel is both a civil corporation and community of faith, which subscribes to the eternal truths outlined in our Statement of Faith.

The Statement of Faith does not exhaust the extent of our beliefs. The Bible itself, as the inspired and infallible Word of God that speaks with final authority concerning truth, morality, and the proper conduct of mankind, is the sole and final source of all that we believe. For the purposes of Woodmen Valley Chapel’s faith, doctrine, practice, policy, and discipline, our Elder Council is the final interpretive authority on the Bible’s meaning and application.

At Woodmen, Deacons are men and women who are selected by their Campus Pastor to serve in a variety of key leadership roles at their local campus. Deacons’ primary duties at Woodmen are focused on caring for their campus community. To be a Deacon, one must affirm and be willing to abide by Woodmen’s principles of doctrine, practice and governance.




Bob, his wife Peggy, and their two married daughters, Elizabeth and Abby, have attended Woodmen since 2008. Prior to being on the Elder Council, Bob served on the Finance Committee, the Stewardship team, and with ACTS and Men's ministries. Bob and Peggy both volunteer on the Usher and Greeter teams at the Rockrimmon Campus. Bob is a financial advisor with an investment firm and Peggy works as a nephrology nurse at multiple hospitals in the Springs. Prior to his career in the financial services industry, Bob served in the Air Force for 27 years. Both of the Gibson's daughters are married to active duty Air Force members.



Steve is the Director of Commercial Banking for Academy Bank in Colorado Springs . He's been in banking 40 years and has a passion for assisting customers with meeting their financial objectives. He is active in the community, serving on civic boards and committees and hosting a downtown businessmen's Bible study. Steve and Marlaine have attended Woodmen since 2005. They volunteer as ushers, greeters and in Woodmen Kids and are in a Community Group. Steve serves on Woodmen’s Finance Committee. They have two adult children; Rex and Marlee. Steve and Marlaine love to be outdoors hiking, fishing and golfing.



Bob and his wife Linda have been involved at Woodmen since moving to Colorado Springs in 1995. Over the years Bob has served at Woodmen through Worship, ACTS, Usher/Greeter and Men’s Ministry. Bob and Linda were part of the inaugural families to launch the Woodmen Heights campus. Bob currently volunteers as the Men’s Ministry leader at Woodmen Heights. Bob and his wife Linda have a daughter and two sons. Bob is a semi-retired Aerospace Engineer having participated in the Space Shuttle, and Global Positioning System (GPS) programs for over 40 years. Bob loves serving, fishing, racquetball, golf, and RV-ing.

Rob Flannigan.jpg


Rob and his wife, Tresa, have attended Woodmen since 1999. Rob works for Compassion International where he leads various business and technology projects to better serve supporters and field-based churches all over the world. The Flanegins have five grown children, three of whom were adopted from Russia. During their time at Woodmen, Rob and Tresa have served as Ministry Partners with Woodmen Kids, Students and ACTS. Rob has also enjoyed being part of the ESL program at the Westside Community Center. The Flanegins enjoy hiking, skiing, reading and exploring new restaurants in our community.



Jerome and his wife, Dorothy, have been involved at Woodmen ever since they moved to Colorado Springs 27 years ago. Jerome served as a worship leader for many years at Woodmen and now he and his wife serve as Community Group leaders. Jerome and Dorothy love spending time with their three daughters and eight grandkids who all live in Colorado.


Eric and his wife, Jennifer, joined Woodmen in 2013 after moving to Colorado Springs from Michigan. They are Community Group leaders and enjoy serving with Woodmen Kids, alongside their four children, Grace, Noah, Levi and Anna. Eric works for Young Life, leading the Camping Administration and Information Services Departments. Eric is an eager learner, enjoys reading and relaxes by finding a new trail to explore in the beautiful Rocky Mountains.
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Josh is a gifted teacher and trusted shepherd with a 20+ year track record of faithful and engaging church leadership. He came to Woodmen after completing 10 years of fruitful ministry in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. The Lindstrom family joined Woodmen in 2014. Josh serves as the Lead Pastor of Teaching and Vision. His heart for ministry centers on the bold proclamation of God’s Word – emphasizing the truth of Scripture and its practical application. His skill and visionary experience in leading people to conform their lives to the life of Christ help Woodmen continue to become the church God desires us to be.



Campus Care:
1. Peggy McGee
2. Burnie Zercher
3. Pam Zercher

Campus Ministry:
1. April Crail (Women Ministry)
3. Cody Binder (Men's/College Ministry)
4. Cullen Vetter (Military Ministry)
5. Courtney Vetter (Military Spouses)


Campus Maintenance:
Rick Hughes

Campus Care:
Gary Wilson (Prayer)
2. Mary Amenson (Prayer)
3. John McCall
4. Heather Rath
5. Jana McCoy
6. Glenn Lutjens
7. Elizabeth Lutjens (Hospitality)

Campus Ministry:
1. Dorothy Simpson (Women’s Ministry)
2. Rondi Stratton (Women’s Ministry)


Campus Maintenance:
1. Bill Lloyd

Campus Care:
Sandee Hawman
2. Wally Hasbrouck
3. Pam Hasbrouck
4. Mike Besseck

Campus Ministry:
Glenn Harrison (Connect)
2. Betsy Harrison (Connect)
3. Brett Strait (Connect)
4. Micki Strait (Connect)
5. Matt Macha (Campus Host)
6. David Coons (Men’s Ministry)
7. Linda Jackson (Women’s Ministry)
8. Patricia Croll (Women’s Ministry)
9. Dave Corsten

Military Ministry
. David McDill (Military Ministry)


Campus Care:
Gail Wahl
2. Tom Wahl
3. Bob Goss
4. Duane Frasier

Campus Ministry:
Sharon Burrows (Women’s Ministry)
2. Bruce Smith (Men’s Ministry)


Campus Ministry:
1. Ryan Iliff (Chaplains Clerk in Training)

Campus Care:
Darin Ninneman (Community Groups)
2. Hector Castillo (James Ministry)

Campus Maintenance:
Mondo Morales (Facilities)
2. Terry Grey (Facilities/Connect)
3. Rodney Atkinson (Facilities