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Favorite Parts

“The community between all of the interns throughout the summer.”

"The WEALTH of experience I got leading worship and preparing during the week."

"Watching the Lord do sweet things."

"Growing closer with the other interns and having those deep conversations with them."

"A steady addition of more responsibility – a good pace of being challenged."


“To know that someone was continuously praying over me and wanting the best for me, especially outside of the internship experience. And to just get wisdom that I can just soak up like a sponge – amazing. I also just enjoyed getting to be seen and heard without strings attached, but there is SO much wisdom and encouragement and challenges that helped shape me and this summer.”

"The perspective my mentor offered on life was invaluable. I enjoyed getting to hear about his experience and the unique connections we made through sharing our stories."

“It was so amazing! [My mentor] was such a sweet person for me to connect with. I will absolutely stay connected with her throughout the year.”



Advice for Future Interns/Residents

“Be flexible, go with the flow. Keep your eyes on Jesus.” 

“Don’t flex your gifts or experiences, focus on what is happening around you and be all in to appreciate others”

"My experience serving with the Kids team was absolutely incredible. I felt very equipped and prepared to step into the roles I was asked to."