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Check out this video as Pastor Andrew offers us a sneak peek of our new Kids wing. We are excited to see God work through the kids and families that will soon use this building! 

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The Gospel

It’s the true story of God’s rescuing love for us. And the good news of Christ’s life, death and resurrection invites each of us into the story.

God calls us to be partners in the gospel and out of grateful hearts we respond. We commit to gather in worship, to connect and grow in caring community, and to contribute through living and giving sacrificially. We seek to live kingdom lives that welcome others to join us in the gospel story. When each of us lives this way, imagine what we can accomplish when we unite in a common cause through God’s power and for His glory!

We have a unique opportunity to do just that over the next two years at Woodmen Heights. We believe God is calling us to catch hold of a new vision and to see it come to life through our prayers and financial gifts. We’re calling this initiative, Partners in the Gospel.


We know that the church is made of people, not buildings. But for people to gather and thrive in community, facilities can be dynamic tools for God’s glory. Each of Woodmen’s campuses has a unique need and opportunity ahead. At Woodmen Heights, the challenge is expanding and updating our spaces to enable us to better live out Woodmen’s four values: Gather, Connect, Grow and Contribute.

Kids and Community

As our leaders and elders prayerfully considered the future of Woodmen Heights, we unanimously agreed that now is the time to reimagine our campus in a way that will serve the needs of our community for the future. Two key priorities emerged:

Kids – As we reach more young families, we want to create a fun, secure, kid-friendly space in the lower level for boys and girls to experience the love of Jesus.

Community – Christ calls the church to care about people and relationships, so we want to make a spot for people to connect in a relaxed setting. What if we had a first-rate coffee shop that not only served amazing espressos, but also became a destination for to know each other and to grow in their faith? What if the audio-visual equipment in our auditorium made it look and sound less like a gym and more like a worship center?

We’ll see these ideas come to life through the Partners in the Gospel initiative. We believe that these changes will set us up to reach northeast Colorado Springs for years to come. Let’s have a look at how this project will enable us to better fulfill our commitment, as individuals and as a church, to Gather, Connect, Grow and Contribute.




Each weekend we come together as a church body to learn and lift up the name of Christ. The regular meeting of God’s people in worship has been a core part of the life of God’s people for centuries. In our modern, multi-site approach to worship, technology is vital in allowing us to share God’s grace and love with Christ-followers and seekers each weekend.

Key components in our worship audio, video, and lighting systems are more than 13 years old. Our tech team has kept these systems running as long as possible. To continue to serve our church and our community with excellence, it’s time to replace this equipment.

This new equipment will allow us to continue to consistently deliver crystal clear audio and vibrant video quality for years to come, so that the technology never detracts from the message as we gather to song praise and to learn from God’s word.



Imagine a coffee shop with amazing espressos, pour overs and more. A place where you can stop in for a locally-roasted coffee after service, or linger for a latte and a conversation with friends on a chilly morning. Across the room you see neighbors connecting over scripture, and a friendly barista serving a family hot chocolates topped with fresh whipped cream. Now imagine this hub of community and caring is at your church. That would be sweet, right?

The new coffee shop will play a big role in the life of our campus. Let’s be honest, great coffee is a big draw, and the local coffee culture aligns with who we want to be as a church: There’s an emphasis on community, relationships and deep conversations. We believe God can use this atmosphere to help Woodmen feel like home for you and for guests on the verge of finding a church. All of this provides us with another great way to connect people to the message of the gospel.

teacher reading to kids


The gospels make it clear that children hold a special place in the heart of Jesus. We want to be a church that welcomes little ones to experience God’s love in their early years and helps moms and dads feel at home. So kids are a big deal at Woodmen.

Yet in our current campus layout, many of our classrooms are in modular buildings that are tired and obsolete. We don’t believe these facilities communicates the high value we hold for kids and families.

Our expanded campus building will be home to brand new classrooms designed just for kids. Our student ministries will also have more room to reach more teens who are hungry for the message of hope that is only found in the Gospel. If we truly aspire to be a church that makes growing more like Christ a priority, it’s essential for us to provide environments for kids to thrive.

Children's classrooom rendering


As a people who seek to contribute to the work of God’s Kingdom, we find ways to serve in our church, our city and beyond. We aspire to contribute in every aspect of our lives, whether that’s showing kindness to neighbors on our street or flying across the world to share God’s love.

We also look to make a Kingdom impact with the way we steward our finances. The upcoming Woodmen Heights facilities project offers each of us a unique opportunity to invest in ministry that will transform lives for decades to come.



In late 1979, a handful of courageous believers gathered to plant a new church. The story of Woodmen was authored through their obedience and generosity.

Over the decades more people caught the vision and branched out to launch a new community in Northeast Colorado Springs. That community began in 2002 at Liberty High School. Through the prayers and sacrificial giving of hundreds of Woodmen families, land was purchased and our Woodmen Heights building was completed in 2004.

Today two thousand of us are loving well and changing lives through Christ at the Heights. The community, the facility and the legacy we share came to life through the intentional, sacrificial living and giving of those who came before us.

Now it’s our turn. Our generosity and faithfulness can light the way for others to experience God’s love. This is our hope and our prayer as Partners in the Gospel.

Late 1979

Believers gather for a bible study that will become Woodmen

October 2002

Liberty Community launched at Liberty High School

October 2004

First weekend services at Heights

October 2008

Doug Olsen named Campus Pastor

September 2015

Rich Griffith named Campus Pastor

September 2017

Woodmen Heights staff offices open to better connect with our community

March 2018

Andrew Reichart named Campus Pastor

April 2018

Partners in the Gospel Initiative Launches

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