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It’s exciting to see a dream coming to reality. And that’s exactly where we, Monument Campus, find ourselves at this point. Since our beginning in December 2015, Monument Campus has continued to expand and grow leading us to campaign for a permanent church home. Our first challenge was to raise $1.45M to purchase land – which became a reality on June 25, 2020, when we purchased 5.45 prime acres of land west of I-25 and north of Baptist Rd. We now press on to raise funds to cover the costs of building construction for our future church home.

Goal: $6,500,000
$5,863,768 Raised (pledge fulfillment and cash donations)


Land ⏤ Thanks to donations from the congregation, a 5.45-acre premier site in the Conexus Business Park has been purchased and paid in full.

Scope of Project ⏤ The project includes a two-story building. Both stories will be completed simultaneously.

Final Budget ⏤ The General Contractor set the Guaranteed Maximum Price for our project a year ago in November 2020. In early October 2021, we had a major construction review and our project is currently coming in under budget. Because of this, we will be able to add the construction of the storage shed as well as the children’s playground to our current project. 

Construction Timeline ⏤ The timeline for the entire construction project has been finalized. The project timeline is estimated to be 12-13 months with occupancy projected to be Summer 2022.

Construction Line-of-Credit (LOC) ⏤ We have met our equity requirement of $4,399,461 and now have access to use the construction line-of-credit in order to balance cash flow during the balance of construction.

Pledge Campaign ⏤ A pledge drive is a standard tool utilized during capital campaigns to help project what funding may be expected to be received throughout a three-year pledge period. Although a non-binding commitment, it provides financial data which is critical in determining a cash flow projection to meet construction costs. Thanks to the generosity of our congregation, we have now passed the $1,140,000 mark in pledges made to the project.

Construction Update ⏤ 

Exterior Building –

  • The exterior of the building is completed. Some small details like signage, doorbells, etc will be completed in the near future.

Interior Building –

  • The elevator is currently being installed. Completion is expected within the next couple of weeks. 
  • Installation of the infrastructure for the lighting system continues and cabling for the IT / AV systems continues.



  • The original goal of $6 million has been reduced by recent cash fundraisers.
  • New pledge campaign goal – $3.5 million.
  • Length of pledge drive – 3 years. (November 2020 - December 2023)
  • Giving options include weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annually.
  • Pledges can be fulfilled online or by mail.
  • Pledges are non-binding and can be changed or canceled at any time.


  • Parcel size – 5.45 acres.
  • Building size – 30,000 square feet.
  • Seating capacity – 749 seats on floor and in balcony.
  • Dedicated children and student spaces.
  • Future outdoor playground planned.
  • Two meeting rooms for small groups.
  • Café with outdoor balcony.
  • Office space for staff.
  • Parking – Approximately 400 parking spaces.
  • Drive-up drop off / pick up areas.
  • Building cost – $12,479,461.
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The Gospel

It’s the true story of God’s rescuing love—the life-changing good news of Jesus. God calls us to be partners in the gospel, inviting us to live in ways that welcome others to join us in the gospel story. 

We commit to gather in worship, to connect and grow in caring community, and to contribute through serving and giving sacrificially. As we follow Christ’s lead, our priorities shift and our horizons expand. When each of us lives this way, imagine what we can accomplish together for God’s glory! 

“I thank my God in all my remembrance of you, always in every prayer of mine for you all making my prayer with joy, because of your partnership in the gospel from the first day until now.”– Philippians 1:3-5


WVC-Model-2.jpg MO-Site-Plan.jpg MO-PITG-mainfloor.jpg MO-PITG-upperfloor.jpg


In just four short years, God has grown our Monument Campus to more than 1,000 people gathering each weekend. To His glory, more than 2,300 friends and neighbors joined us to celebrate the risen Christ in Easter services this year! 

We believe He has even greater things in store.

The next three years will be pivotal for our church community and for the Tri-Lakes region. Homes are being built all around our campus, and that means thousands of new families and friends moving into the area—people who desperately need the hope that only Christ brings.

Since our campus began, our elders and leaders have been praying, dreaming and seeking the Holy Spirit’s guidance for a new, permanent church home for Woodmen Monument. We believe now is the time, through God’s provision, to take the next step! God is calling us to catch hold of this new vision for a church home and to see it come to life through our prayers and financial gifts.
Together, through God’s grace, we can create a home base for Woodmen Monument—for you and me—to be a transformative presence for Christ in the Tri-Lakes region. Because we want to invite every person and every family in our Monument Campus to participate, we’re calling this initiative Partners in the Gospel.

Location Location LOCATION

We believe the Lord planted us here to be a light for the people of the Tri-Lakes region, and now He’s led us to a parcel of land that’s located in a strategic spot for us to be a catalyst for the flourishing of our community. 

The 5.45 acre parcel is located just west of I-25, with freeway visibility and easy access from both the Baptist Road and Highway 105 exits. Recent short-term growth estimates show 2,700 new homes being built within a seven-minute drive of this location.

Our future site is located in a business park with easy access and no residential neighbors who will be troubled by the additional weekend traffic and parking that a church brings. Add in stunning, west-facing mountain views, and we’ve got an ideal location for our new building!

This future Monument church home will be a hub that allows us, as a congregation, to better reach the Tri-Lakes region for years to come as we live out Woodmen’s values: Gather, Connect, Grow and Contribute. Let’s have a look at how the Partners in the Gospel initiative will help us bring these four commitments to life.

Edited.jpg  Edited-2.jpg




Imagine a gathering place—not just a school that we rent for a few hours on weekends, but a permanent church home that’s alive with activity and hope seven days a week.

How might God multiply our impact in our community through ministry spaces that are bursting at the seams with kids on Wednesday night, moms growing their faith on Tuesday, men meeting the sunrise on Thursday to start the day off studying God’s word, and weddings on a summer Saturday?

Our new building will include a state-of-the-art auditorium, with comfortable seating for more than 500 people to gather in worship. With three services each weekend, when you add kids classes into the mix, this facility could be home to a church of 1,800!



Our new atrium will provide plenty of room to connect with old friends and meet new ones before and after services and throughout the week. This space will include a coffee bar where neighbors can connect over scripture, and friendly baristas will serve families hot chocolates topped with swirls of fresh whipped cream.

Our multi-use community spaces will also host Bible studies and other ministry events throughout the week. We believe God can use this atmosphere to help Woodmen feel like home for you and for guests on the verge of finding a church.

teacher reading to kids


The gospels make it clear that children hold a special place in the heart of Jesus, so we want to be a church that welcomes little ones to experience God’s love and helps moms and dads feel at home.

As we reach more families, our new church building will be home to fun, secure spaces for boys and girls to grow. We’ll triple the size of our current kids area!

There’ll be a large-group space where boys and girls can express their joy in energetic ways, as well as smaller classrooms for children to make crafts, learn, pray, and get to know the heart of Jesus.

Children's classrooom rendering


As people who seek to contribute to the work of God’s Kingdom, we find ways to serve in our church, our city and beyond. We aspire to contribute in every aspect of our lives, whether that’s showing kindness to neighbors on our street or flying across the world to share God’s love.

We also look to make a Kingdom impact with the way we steward our finances. Our upcoming Monument Partners in the Gospel building initiative offers each of us a unique opportunity to invest financially in a way that will continue to change lives in our community for decades to come.


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