HEIGHTS Partners in the Gospel FAQ

With the plans unveiled, here are answers to the questions that come up most frequently.

How much do we need to complete the work?
We’re trusting God for $3.2 million. Here’s the breakdown on the on how these funds will be invested:
$1,500,000 - New kids’ space (Additional wing added to current building)
$995,000 - Site development, architect, planning department and related costs
$655,000 - Improvements to existing building including coffee shop, worship center upgrades, expanded meeting space for groups and code updates
$50,000 - Administration
$ 3,200,000 - TOTAL FUNDS NEEDED
Will the church borrow money for the project?
No. We’re committed to wise stewardship and we believe God is calling us, together as a church, to self-fund the work through donations. 

How will we fund the project?
$1,900,000 - Amount we need to raise together
$1,000,000 - Proceeds from the sale of land allocated for development
$300,000 - Amount currently in our Woodmen Heights Partners in the Gospel fund
$ 3,200,000 - TOTAL FUNDING GOAL

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What about proceeds from the sale of land surrounding our Campus?

Our leadership has designated the majority of the funds that have come in so far to debt reduction in accordance with our principles of sound financial stewardship. However, as part of our Partners in the Gospel initiative, our elders have allocated $1 million in sale proceeds toward our Woodmen Heights initiative. This gives us a great head start as we trust God to raise the balance of funds together!

How will the work proceed?
To get the project started right away, the first phase of the project will be improvements to the existing building. As more funds come in, we’ll be able to progress to constructing the new Kids space. 

The good news is that we already have $300,000 in our Woodmen Heights Partners in the Gospel fund, thanks to the early, generous gifts from many in our congregation.

I have some additional questions. How can I find out more?

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Andrew Reichart – Woodmen Heights Campus Pastor

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