Congregational Care

We Care About You

We exist to provide care and support for you on your journey. Every one of us experience challenges in our lives; every one of us have seasons where we are especially in need of prayer; every one of us will experience the pain and confusion of death of someone we love. In those moments Congregational Care is here for you.

Congregational Care

We provide biblically centered counseling, premarital counseling, proactive support groups and workshops, prayer and guidance during a crisis, and grief support. We also offer opportunities for you to help care for others who are experiencing crisis as we all journey as a congregation toward the same horizon.


Call 911 if experiencing medical or life-threatening emergency
Call 719.323.3067 for emergency assistance from a Pastor
Call 719.388.5000 for non-crisis situations during regular business hours 
Call 719.388.4974 for Dee Dee Martin in case of death  

If you or a loved one is going to be hospitalized or to request a visit from a pastor, click the button below or contact your campus pastor.