Everybody has an opinion about Jesus — about who He is and His message. Where can we go to discover the truth? What if we zeroed-in on what Jesus said about Himself?

The apostle John was one of Jesus’ closest friends and followers. He wrote an account of the life of Jesus. We call it the Gospel of John and it’s one of the books in the Bible. In the coming weeks we’ll set our hearts on the seven “I am” statements of Jesus recorded in John’s Gospel. Jesus makes some big claims about Himself, and if we take time to explore them they can change everything.

Plan to join us at Woodmen each weekend for the teaching series, JESUS IS. Click below to access the Jesus Is journal. The journal is designed to help you prepare and reflect along the journey. Each week during the series, take a few minutes to prayerfully consider the scriptures and questions in these pages. It’s our hope and prayer that together, we’ll discover a clearer and fuller understanding of the real Jesus.