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The heart behind the Leadership residency

Why is Woodmen partnering with Residents? 

We believe Jesus lays out the plan for multiplying leaders and we want to follow His lead. Just as He shared, modeled, and equipped many to live out the Christian life, Woodmen is compelled to do the same. We not only believe it is important for the health of our church but also for the Kingdom mission that a future leader would be poured into at this critical time.

It is easy to jump into a job at a church after college and quickly be overwhelmed and discouraged. Soon, the joy of serving and sharing Christ can be just a job rather than a calling

We want to invest in you as a future leader to impact God’s Kingdom through your leadership and love to others. It is our heart to equip you as a leader that will impact our church and our city; but more than that we want you to have a foundation of living for God for the rest of your life. To be a leader for Him that loves others well.

What is a residency program?

Our residency program blends a full employment opportunity with a unique leadership pathway of Biblical study, discovery, and equipping for God’s calling.

RESIDENCY PROGAM: 25% for classes, projects, study, and guest speakers. You'll join in leadership group for this time.

SPECIALITY TEAM: 75% of your week you'll be hanging with your specialty team; serving, leading, and shadowing. You’ll join your specialty in meetings, collaboration, and leadership experiences.


Leadership Residency Values


We want to empower young leaders with 3 things.

1. The ability to observe other leaders.
2. Empowerment to lead others in different ways.
3. A mentor that can guide reflection and speak truth to gain leadership muscle.


We are in constant discovery of who God made us to be and how he made us to serve him.

Studying the Bible, applying it to ourselves, and learning from amazing church staff and leaders provide a foundation of life-long discovery as they begin a career.


It’s our heart to help you answer the question, “what experience do you have with that?” in a real and tangible way.

Intentionally building a tangible portfolio of experience, a commissioning from our church, providing a network of support in ministry as you ‘launch’ into a career.


Who is a resident?

A great candidate is humble, self-motivated, and strives for excellence.

A Resident is a college graduate who senses a calling from God to work in the local church. Great candidates will have leadership experience with campus groups or church.

A Resident is not someone who is unsure of their calling and wants to dabble because he/she thinks working at a church might be something fun.

A Woodmen Leadership Resident will be viewed as full members of the Woodmen team. It is not an internship. You are coming with skills and abilities ready to be used. There will be high expectations for each resident to serve, collaborate, and lead in his/her specialty.

Residents are ready for God to shape and grow them while they have leadership opportunities.

Residents are typically college graduates ages 22 to 24.

Is this any fun?

A Resident will work hard and play hard. We’re looking for individuals who want to experience God in amazing ways serving at a church as well as experiencing God's creative glory. We’ll have some planned excursions as a resident leadership group. Residents will be encouraged to experience all that Colorado has to offer: hiking, rafting, skiing, sand dunes, wildlife, sports, arts, etc.