You're invited to participate in the flourishing of others for His glory, to live as bringers of God’s compassion, justice and mercy. It's a great way to get to know others and contribute in an eternal way.

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Want to get more connected here at our Rockrimmon Campus? Maybe you attend weekend services and you’re already in a community group, but you’re looking for like-minded people who share your passion for hiking or yoga. Or maybe you’d like to study the Bible with other guys in your part of town.

That’s where Woodmen team captains come in. They’re gifted, faithful ministry partners who are empowered and coached by our church staff, and they’re here to help you find your squad. Team captains are people just like you who are excited to serve and share their time. The groups led by these team captains are casual and get together periodically in homes or in the community outside of church.

While we don’t have a group for everything, if you're looking to build relationships and come together with friends around a common hobby or need, have a look at the list below to see if there’s a group you’d like to connect with. And if you’re looking for a type of group that you don’t see listed, consider becoming a team captain! Talk to your Campus Pastor to find out how.


• Boy Scouts Troop 88: Erik Wilmeth
• Hiking: Eric Sprinkle
• Ironmen / Sexual Integrity: Bill Akins
• One Jump (Jump Rope): Lindsey Sneij
• Stampede (Men's Group): Stampede
• Volleyball: Lester Lim
• Yoga: Rhonda Mills
• Zumba: Mindy Kiepke

Men's Bible Studies

• Mon: Herb Turney
• Wed AM: Herb Turney
• Wed PM: John Riesberg
• Thur AM: Steve Covell
• Thur PM: Herb Turney
• Refuge West: Dale Piper