Monument Campus Permanent Home

November 7, 2018 | Pastor Doug Olsen 


We have identified a 5.45 acre site that we believe would be the perfect home for our eventual permanent campus. It is located northwest of the Baptist/I-25 exit, directly east of the skating rink, between Old Denver Highway and I-25. We are presently under contract for the land and we would be able to close in April of 2019. This would be the first phase in our plan for a permanent facility.


At this point, the Elders have given us permission to plan a campaign, which would launch simultaneously with the potential close of the land. The focus of the campaign would be to provide funding for the actual facility.


At this point, and as a standard in any traditional campaign, we would like to provide an opportunity for lead gifts. A lead gift is an occasion for those who have the capacity and desire to contribute prior to our actual campaign before it officially kicks off next Spring. The purpose of a lead gift fundraiser would be to raise money for the purchase of the land.

Here's information on how to contribute a gift toward our Monument Lead Gift Opportunity. Please note that I am available to meet, discuss and answer any questions you may have about the campaign. I will set aside time over the next two months to meet individually with anyone interested in contributing a lead gift or desiring more detailed information before committing to a contribution. You can contact me by email.

If you'd like to make a gift, you can do so by:

1. Giving Online - Designate your gift toward the 'Monument Building Fund (PITG)' account.
2. Check/Cash - Contribute on the weekend via cash or check but ensure that you designate your gift as "PITG" either on an offering envelope or in your check's memo line.
3. Year-End Giving - Many in our congregation plan a contribution at the end of the year. Please prayerfully consider designating your gift toward our lead gift needs.
4. Stock - Lead gifts involving stock donations can be arranged by contacting me.


In the weeks ahead, it is my intention to keep the congregation up to date as our planning continues and additional information is available. This will be done through our bulletin, service announcements or via email.

Please keep in mind that we are at the starting point of our planning process. In the months ahead, we will sponsor focus groups and information nights to keep our congregation informed along the way. In the meantime, do not hesitate to contact me at any point, so that I will have the opportunity to answer any questions you might have as we begin to formulate our campaign.

As I mentioned on the weekend, please be in prayer as we move forward with this endeavor. We are so grateful for what God has done at our campus during this first 3 years, and now seek what He would want us to do in the future.

PS - Keep in mind that we will be celebrating our 3rd Anniversary the weekend of December 8/9!

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