Serving on the

Woodmen Production Team

Whether we are lighting the room, mixing the worship audio, running lyrics, or filming the sermon, the production team is creating a distraction-free environment where people can worship and meet with Jesus. We are seeking teachable and motivated people who will help us lift high the name of Jesus through production.


Center Screen

The Center Screen operator is responsible for leading the congregation in worship without being on stage; this position is the directing force of our sung worship. We utilize ProPresenter 7 on the mac platform for all of our worship lyrics and control of the center screen.

Training provided.


Our lighting operators create the visual atmosphere of worship in all of our campus worship spaces. We drive energy and emotion through color pallet choice and intentional lighting effects to add and not take away from the worship experiences of those across our church. In each of our locations, we utilize High End Systems Hog Lighting to control our fixtures.

Training provided.


Being a church driven by video sermons, we heavily rely on the expertise of our camera team to help us in that endeavor. Each camera op is crucial to capture and relay the content of our service so that every campus and online viewer is able to have a meaningful encounter through the teaching of Scripture. We utilize Blackmagic Broadcast cameras at all of our permanent facilities.

Training provided.


This position is crucial to fostering an often unnoticed atmosphere of worship and engagement in services. We strive to minimize distractions and provide a deep meaningful worship experience for our congregation through expertise and mix choices. Bold and warm mixes that envelop the congregation with life and energy and draw them into a deeper sense of worship is what we are after. We utilize Yamaha CL5 audio consoles at our permanent facilities and Midas M32 audio consoles at our portable venues.

Previous experience required.

Online Service Audio

Our studio broadcast engineer mixes the live audio in a separate studio space to create an engaging worship experience for those who attend our services online. This position is critical in allowing a distraction-free and positive viewing experience with the goal of providing the best mix possible with intentional and professional quality.

This position is only available at our Rockrimmon Campus.

Previous experience required.

Video Director

This position serves a crucial role in the live switching of various camera and video feeds into their final form to be sent out. Whether it is broadcasting to an overflow room, services being viewed by our online community or Ark Valley Campus, the video director has a hand in it all. The Video Director calls shots and framing for the camera op team as well as utilizes our video switch to skillfully choose which shot best serves the moment. We utilize Blackmagic ATEM switcher platform at all of our locations.

Previous experience recommended.