Heights Initiative

Partners in the Gospel

God is transforming lives here at Woodmen Heights!

Week-in-week-out, people are finding hope! We see marriages being healed. We see students overcoming the challenges of a confused culture. We see people being drawn to the gospel and trusting Christ.

Over the next few years, through Phase 2 of our Partners in the Gospel initiative, we’ll transform our campus with an inviting new large-group space for students and adults to gather. We’ll add small-group meeting rooms where people will grow in God’s Word throughout the week. Also on the horizon is a coffee shop and a community playground to cultivate connections.

The Lord is calling us to catch hold of this vision to welcome others to join us in the gospel story! Together, we’ll see these spaces come to life through our prayers and financial partnership. As we begin this journey, you’ll be invited to join us in investing in this vital ministry project.


The Gospel

It’s the true story of God’s rescuing love for us. And the good news of Christ’s life, death and resurrection invites each of us into the story.

God calls us to be partners in the gospel and out of grateful hearts we respond. We commit to gather in worship, to connect and grow in caring community, and to contribute through living and giving sacrificially. We seek to live kingdom lives that welcome others to join us in the gospel story. Imagine what we can accomplish when we unite in a common cause through God’s power and for His glory!

We have a unique opportunity to do just that over the next three years at Woodmen Heights. We believe God is calling us to catch hold of a new vision and to see it come to life through our prayers and financial gifts. We’re calling this initiative, Partners in the Gospel.



The Big Picture

We know that the church is made of people, not buildings. But for people to gather and thrive in community, the right facilities can be dynamic tools for God’s glory. God is calling us to expand our spaces to enable us to better live out Woodmen’s four values: Gather, Connect, Grow and Contribute. Phase One is complete. It featured our new Woodmen Kids wing and the shell of the second floor of our building. Now we’re ready to dive in to Phase Two which will include completing the second-floor interior and additional community spaces.

Students and Community

As our leaders and elders prayerfully considered the future of Woodmen Heights, we unanimously agreed that now is the time to grow our campus in a way that will serve the needs of our community in the years to come. Two key priorities emerged:

Students – As we reach more families in our community, we want to create a fun, intentional, student-friendly space in our building to reach students—a place where it feels like they belong. Recent studies show that current teens are part of “the loneliest generation.” They experience more isolation and anxiety than any generation before. We know that Jesus is the solution, and we want to be equipped to introduce students to Him and to be a refuge in a chaotic culture. This 200-seat, multi-use room will also be home to our senior adults ministry and other events, when not in use by students.

Community – Christ calls the church to care about people and relationships, so we want to cultivate spaces for people to connect in relaxed settings. What if we had a first-rate coffee shop that not only served amazing espressos, but also became a destination for to know each other and to grow in their faith? What if our auditorium could expand and allow room for 100 more worshippers in every weekend service? What if we built a community park on property, to be a place to foster relationships with our neighbors who do not yet know Jesus?

We’ll see these ideas come to life through the Partners in the Gospel initiative. We believe that these changes will set us up to reach northeast Colorado Springs for years to come.


Phase 2:
Overall Progress

Goal: $2,500,000
$1,703,872 Raised (pledge fulfillment and cash donations)


Let’s have a look at how this project will enable us to better fulfill our commitment,
as individuals and as a church, to Gather, Connect, Grow and Contribute.



A recent study found teens who have a relationship with a trusted adult in a religious institution experience less isolation and stress and are more trusting and confident about their future. Every week hundreds of students and ministry partners gather at Heights to worship and learn more about our Savior.

Our ministry to students is thriving and growing! The need for a larger space to gather is vital for us to continue to serve our students and reach their friends. On the second floor of our existing building, we’ll create a space where students can find Christ-centered community and forge a strong faith. This dynamic new space will function as a place of worship, learning and community for up to 200 students.

When not in use by our students, this multi-use space will also be great for our senior adult ministry, and other gatherings.

Every weekend, more than 1,400 people are coming together at Heights to learn and lift up the name of Christ. With the number of new homes being built within just a few miles of our campus, more families and individuals join us each month!

As part of this initiative, we’ll add 100 seats to the capacity of our auditorium. With three services each weekend, that means 300 more people every week will have the opportunity to experience the hope of the gospel and the joy of worshiping in community!



Imagine a coffee shop with amazing espressos, pour overs, pastries and more. A place where you can stop for a quick, locally-roasted coffee after a service, or linger for a pumpkin spice latte and a quiet conversation with close friends on a chilly morning.

Across the room you see neighbors connecting over scripture, and a friendly barista is serving a family hot-chocolates topped with swirls of fresh whipped cream. Now imagine this hub of community and caring is right in your church! That would be sweet, right? This new coffee shop will be a natural spot for spiritual conversations and for saying hello to old friends and making new ones.

Connections flourish in places of community. As part of this initiative, we envision an on-campus community park with slides and swings and a green play field, bordered with shaded picnic tables. It will be a place where connections thrive in the beautiful Colorado outdoors. Parents will gather as children swing or kick a soccer ball. At picnic tables, wide-eyed little ones will blow out candles atop birthday cupcakes. Friendships will be forged, and quiet prayers will be offered. This park will serve as an open invitation to our neighbors: Come to church and find connection. You belong here!



As part of Phase Two, our new second story will include a series of smaller, multi-use rooms. Women’s and men’s Bible study groups will have ample room to meet here weekly to strengthen their faith and friendships. Students’ small groups will dive deeper into gospel. Woodmen U workshops will grow together as they share restoration and freedom through Christ. These meeting rooms will set us up, as a church community, to walk more closely alongside the Lord and one another in the context of intentional community.


As a people who seek to serve the Lord and love our neighbors, we find ways to make a difference in our church, our city and beyond. We aspire to contribute in every aspect of our lives, whether that’s showing kindness to a family next door or flying across the world to share God’s love.

We also look to make a Kingdom impact with the way we steward our finances. The Phase Two Woodmen Heights facilities project offers each of us a unique opportunity to invest in ministry that will transform lives for decades to come.


By completing the exterior shell of the second story of our building as part of phase 1, our costs for Phase 2 are more manageable. Our congregational funding goal is 2.5 million dollars. Here’s the breakdown on how the funds will be invested to meet our total need for the project:

Second Floor Construction .......................................... $1,500,000

Design, FF&E & Contingency ..... ..................................... $560,000

 Playground and Coffee Shop ......................................... $315,000

 Auditorium Expansion and Update .............................. $125,000



Forty-three years ago, a handful of courageous believers gathered to plant a new church. The story of Woodmen was authored through their obedience and generosity.

Over the decades more people caught the vision and branched out to launch a new community in Northeast Colorado Springs. That community began in 2002 at Liberty High School. Through the prayers and sacrificial giving of hundreds of Woodmen families, land was purchased and our Woodmen Heights building was completed in 2004.

Just a couple of years ago, we came together to add the new kids’ wing onto our facility. Today, these new kids spaces are filled with the joyful noises of boys and girls laughing and learning each week.

Each of these faith-filled steps has been a vital part of the story of our church family and equipped us to minister in new and life-changing ways. The community, the facility and the legacy we share came to life through the intentional, sacrificial living and giving of those who came before us.

Now it’s our turn. Our generosity and faithfulness can light the way for others to experience God’s love. This is our hope and our prayer as Partners in the Gospel.


I thank my God in all my remembrance of you, always in every prayer of mine for you all making my prayer with joy, because of your partnership in the gospel from the first day until now.
Phil. 1:3-5

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