Woodmen Heights Campus

Each Woodmen campus faces a unique facilities need and opportunities. The Rockrimmon campus is working on renovation and Gleneagle will begin to explore development. Those of us who call Woodmen Heights home will have the chance to give to create more space for up-and-coming generations. Together these three projects, one for each campus, make up our Partners in the Gospel initiative.

Woodmen Heights Initiative

An average weekend at the Heights sees more than 300 children squeezed in all over our campus to experience God's love. The gospels make it clear that kids are a big deal to Jesus, and we want to be a church that reflects His heart for little ones. As we reach more and more families, our current facilities are bursting at the seems. Some of our kids ministry happens in portable structures. City regulators are anxious to see us move to a permanent solution and let's be honest, the portables just aren't an awesome ministry home for our boys and girls. We just don’t have enough room. 
To meet this need, our elders and key staff are in the design stages of a master building plan that will provide the space we need to effectively minister to students and children for years to come. We envision safe and fun environments that invite our younger generations to explore life with Jesus. We’ll also look to add a little more room in our worship services and improve acoustics.

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