Apologetics Course - Reasons to Believe

Event: Apologetics Course - Reasons to Believe



Apologetics is useful for all believers—but especially important for high school juniors and seniors getting ready for college! Studies show that a vast majority of Christian students lose their faith in college. This is largely due to the fact that students embark for the college campus unprepared. Secular universities are NOT neutral toward Christianity and the teachings of the Bible—so being equipped with reasons to believe is imperative.

Come grab hold of some important truths on Monday nights this winter! We will engage with questions like—How do we know God exists? Is the Bible reliable? What are the Dead Sea Scrolls and why was it the find of the century? What’s so amazing about DNA? How many people from the Old Testament have been verified through archaeological digs? What’s the oldest artifact we can directly trace back to the Bible? Do right and wrong really exist? Why can’t atheism be true? What evidences do we have that Jesus truly rose from the dead? Is evil problematic for the Christian worldview? And many more exciting questions…

Join us for six nights of fun exploration into these crucial topics that will encourage you in your faith and equip you to know Reasons to Believe!

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Rockrimmon Campus
Mondays, Jan 27 to Mar 9
6 Sessions


Rockrimmon Community Center 117/118


Available with 48-hour advance notice

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