Jun 26 - Jul 24


Rockrimmon Campus
Rockrimmon Campus



Leader(s): Joel Malick & Alex Lippert

Class Dates: June 26th, July 10th, July 24th

It’s hard to build a plane in the air. But, many retirees find themselves doing just that once they realize they constructed it all wrong before retirement liftoff!

Joel Malick and Alex Lippert, co-authors of the popular book, Afterwork; An Honest Discussion About the Retirement Lie and How to Live a Future Worthy of Dreams, will take their Woodmen U class through a process that unpacks the retirement lie and helps guide you through important considerations that need to be addressed BEFORE retirement. They’ve witnessed many retirees approach this season as primarily a financial problem to be solved. What else could possibly go wrong with double the free time, no real structure, and a mindset that thinks it’s time to look more inward? Eventually, the retiree realizes they failed to lay a solid foundation around the factors that prove to be far more important.

This course only covers the non-financial factors for a purposeful and fulfilling retirement. Come join Joel and Alex on this engaging journey as we aim to learn how to better plan for this season after work. 

Registration closed on Tuesday, July 4, 2023

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