Salt Lake City July 2020 - Day 5

Salt Lake City July 2020 - Day 5

Johnny Howe - prep time before Mormons

Today we woke up and did our morning stuff then met out in the hall for about 20 minutes and just went over Bible verses that could make good questions, and point out the flaws of the LDS Church. Then went to breakfast and talked about respect and what we would do today.

Isaac Michaloski - time with Mormons- what we learned

So then we went to a park by a water park but we were in the park, no playground, and we separated into our small groups and were “assigned” one, two Mormon people and we sat in a circle and we asked them questions about there faith and we learned from these two 19 yr olds about stuff like archaeology and where they think God came from( which both were dodged by the way) and how people in the LDS are appointed and we herd the testimony of the two guys we talked to. Then we ate lunch. 

Phil Brown- take always from Mormons on bus 

They have some similarities and some differences in our religions. The Mormons now and then sounded robotic like they were told to say that. We gave them some hard questions that they took along time to answer. We had many answers to think about and questions to think about. 

Bryce Siebrands - car wash we saw a Buick Skylar 1978 and a Subaru BRZ and dr. Philip was being a wired guy with a sign that said free car wash and he was doing a wired dumb dance 😂 and when the Buick Skylar 1978 he did a lil burn out then drive away then we also washed a charger and it was so fun✌️

Phillip Brown- Hand out flyers 

We handed out flyers for redemption church. I put a flyer on a door then the guy in the house knocked and I got scared and sprinted as fast as I could down the street. I hope people come and find Jesus at the church.

Mason McCoy- debrief with Russ East

After we got back from handing out flyers we talked to an ex Mormon and we asked him questions about the Mormon faith. When he was a Mormon and he answered our questions. We ate lunch and we had a good time.

Davis Kemper- debrief at park 

To end our Tuesday, we drove to a park and had Sonic and debrief. We were allowed to hang out and get our energy out before we talked. Eventually we all circled up and Merritt lead the discussion questions. Overall it turned out to be a good day.