Salt Lake City July 2020 - Day 4

Salt Lake City July 2020 - Day 4

Today we we sorted clothes👗 and then we passed them out. While I was passing out clothes in the sweaty truck🚚, a lady was getting clothes👖 and toys🧸 for her neighbor kids! And she was so excited that we had toys for them! -Greydi Neely🐺

From the mouth of Juleen Smith. Today, we had the opportunity to sort clothes and pass them out. This was exciting to help separate the clothes even though clothes kept getting mixed up. 

Hi I’m Tara Bishop. Today I met a man Alfred. He is so nice and generous and brave to help people that had lives that were hard and messed up. We gave food out to those needing help, like a pregnant woman. It really was a big deal to me that a woman that had a hard life was willing to have a baby in it too. I will never forget today or this trip. 👩‍👧👩‍👦family means a lot it’s all I had when I was little so I’m always going to remember her. Ō.Ō 

Hi! My name is Amelia Atchison. Today we went to an apartment area to give out clothes and food to the people. We served men, women, and children of all kinds 🥬🍎🍌. I was apart of the clothes group. We needed to give clothes to the people and had to stay in a VERY hot truck for a long time. There was this woman who needed women’s medium and shoes. Unfortunately, we could not find any in her size and all of her family got clothes and shoes 👟😢. I felt SO bad that we couldn’t give her any. Thats when I realized that I can only give so much to people. I didn’t really know what that meant until today.