Salt Lake City July 2020 - Day 3

Salt Lake City July 2020 - Day 3

We went to the church in the morning and heard Kirby speak. After we went to work with Alfred's food pantry and went to a lake to chill. - Cooper Birky

I really enjoyed going to church at the Genesis Project and listening to the pastors story of how the church got started, plus going to a lake in the afternoon. - Noah Kinyon

I really enjoyed listening to pastor Kirby’s sermon in the morning as well as serving in the food pantry in the afternoon. - Joel Kinyon

Before lunch, we went to church at the Genesis Project. After lunch, we went to help Alfred at his place. Then we played in a lake in Eden. - Brayden Wroten

In the morning we listened to Paster Kirby's sermon and the we headed to the food pantry and helped organize food. We bagged canned goods into grocery bags and then organized the food. Tomorrow we will go back to help pass out the food. After three hours of food sorting we headed to the lake finish our day. - Brennan Miles

So today we woke up nice and early and we went to a park for a little bit and then we went to church at the Genesis Project and heard Kirby speak and then we went to a lake and chilled and I jumped in with all my clothes on and it was worth it then we came back and took showers and played basketball. - Gavin Kruse