El Salvador November 2019 Day 3

El Salvador November 2019 Day 3

Greetings from El Salvador!

Yesterday afternoon, our team was privileged to attend a concert of the Compassion Symphonic Orchestra and Choir of El Salvador.

We made our way to the city after a fiesta at a Compassion center in the morning. We walked into the Teatro National and were escorted to our box seats.

With programs in hand, we waited for or emcees to announce the concert in both Spanish and English. Both the choir and Orchestra had taken their places. The conductor entered, the orchestra tuned, and it began!

These students are all from Compassion projects in San Salvador, about 60 musicians and 80 choir members. It looked like their ages ranged from about 5th grade to high school seniors.

The title of this performance was Linked Hearts, Transformed Lives. You could easily see the hope and determination on each student's face. They played diligently and sang with fierce emotion. Their efforts were applauded whole-heartedly and sincerely.

During the concert, there was a little earthquake that didn't last long, but I was concentrating on the music and thought it was only some heavy trucks rumbling by. My first earthquake and I barely knew!

I learned that the orchestra has only been together about three years. These are children from difficult circumstances but the joy as they played and sang was evident. They knew they were there for a purpose and that God loved them and a plan for there futures.

- Suzanne Manthei