El Salvador November 2019 Day 2

El Salvador November 2019 Day 2

It is so hard to summarize and put into words what we experienced on Monday. But here goes an attempt to express it.

When we arrived at the road to the church and the Compassion Center, we were ushered into an ox cart decorated with balloons that took us right up to the church building. The church walkway leading to the sanctuary was lined with precious children and their parents. The kids quickly took our hands and walked us into the church.

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We enjoyed a fantastic service where the emcee and the speaker were both around 10 years old. The music and dancing were so rich!

Then we had a chance to visit a home of a three-year old named Roxanna, who was just accepted into the Compassion Center. It was an honor to be invited into the home of this family and eye opening to see the conditions of their home. They have to walk to a well for water and most of their food is cooked over an open fire. We enjoyed talking with them and praying for them.

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After lunch with the Compassion staff, we walked to get a few of the neighborhood kids to bring back to the center to join the others who were there. We worshipped together and then had a chance to share the story of Jesus calming the storm, do a craft with the kids and play some games with them. The amount of love and hugs that were shared were such a gift for all of us!

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After dinner each night our team has been taking turns sharing about the things that have most shaped our lives. Last night we had the chance to hear from our teammate Hannah and one of our translators.

It was an honor to hear him share so authentically about what it was like to grow up without his parents and be raised by his grandmother. He shared how God grabbed ahold of his heart and has called him to forgive his parents and reach out to them to let them know he has forgiven them. He has reached out to talk with his mom and dad and is now waiting to hear back from each of them. It was such a privilege to pray for him as he’s walking in radical obedience.

- Karin Harper