Uganda October 2019 Day 6

Uganda October 2019 Day 6

We spent our last night in Mbale before we began to make our way back home. On Thursday, we began our goodbyes as we stopped by CURE to see most of the staff and people one more time. I was thankful that I got to see a mother who I connected with and her baby. We prayed over her, and then headed out for Jinja to try and make it the mobile clinic.

Uganda 102519 father and child.jpg

Uganda 102519 parents and children.jpg

We did not end up making it for the entire mobile clinic due to some unfortunate events, but we did get to see the tail end of the clinic. The physical therapist was there, and we got see how he carefully helped the babies post-surgery. We headed back to the hotel in Jinja which is a city about halfway between the airport and the CURE Hospital.

Uganda 102519 Maria Feldotto holding baby.jpg

On Friday, it was my birthday. So our dear pastor and friend, Fred, had a mini surprise celebration for me with cake, a bracelet and prayer.. We also got to go on a boat ride on Lake Victoria and the Nile. That day was a big reflection day for the team on the trip, and we ended the day with a discussion about how we were all impacted by our experience. The common theme was amazed at the love of God by the people of Africa and the generosity of the people who gave so much but had so little. All of our lives had been changed drastically by this trip.

Uganda 102519 Maria Feldotto birthday.jpg

On Saturday, we made our final drive all the way to the airport. After about seven hours of travel, we arrived and said goodbye to our dear friends, Fred and Yokoluma. It was a sad goodbye, but we were all grateful that we got to know them on this side of Heaven. Because of that, it was a “see you later” situation which brought comfort to the team.

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- Maria Feldotto