Kenya July 2019

Kenya July 2019

Jambo from Kenya!

We are quickly approaching our final day at CURE Kenya. While each day has been a little unknown, the team has been able to find a bit of a routine and role within CURE as well as amongst each other. These “roles” have been primarily within the kitchen (doing dishes and various errands) or in the ward (open patient bedrooms) connecting with a child or guardian.

Beyond the roles and new relationships, there have been a few specific highlight moments. One specifically was with Rose, Katy, and Sarah. Each had the opportunity to observe a surgery! They were able to interact and ask questions with the medical staff, and then follow up with the child and guardian in the ward.

As with any trip, there are feelings of excitement to come back to family and friends, but of course sadness in leaving behind new relationships. We know that God loves these people and CURE infinitely more than we can, and that He will meet their needs.