Zambia July 2019

Zambia July 2019

The Zambia team arrived in Lusaka, Zambia Saturday afternoon, July 13, 2019. We had a long, but good flight. 

Zambia Team at DIA 071119.png

We were warmly welcomed by Pastor Harold, who gave us a tour of the Beit CURE Hospital just outside of Lusaka. We quickly discovered how caring the staff are to these beautiful children. It is such a pleasure to work with the staff here. We see their love of God in everything they do while caring for the children.

We have found ourselves helping in any way we can for the children in the ENT clinic and in the OPD, where children of all ages come for appointments for ear infections, ear wax impactions, and other more serious conditions, such as hearing loss. Many of the cases in the orthopedic clinic were club foot, cerebral palsy, and spina bifida. Some of our team spent precious time with the current inpatients, while others went to a post-op home visit. The home patient Rachel, 11, is a happy child who can walk freely without help, after a bow leg surgery. Her family was so appreciative of the care their daughter has received from the CURE Hospital. 

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We are thrilled to be helping the staff here in Zambia, and are growing every day in the Lord! Praise God for this hospital! 

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