Guatemala July 2019 Day 3

Guatemala July 2019 Day 3

Today has been very full of emotions and craziness. We began our day by eating a very yummy breakfast and having a fun, joy-filled bus ride to the learning center. We did the same rotations for vbs as yesterday with the exception of a whole lot of dancing. We got to teach our peers and all the kids the ‘church clap’ dance. Our team spent a long time dancing, smiling, and sweating through the multiple times they wanted to play the song over and over until everyone got it right. It was great to see these kids join us in our fun and by the end we were all tired but cheering and clapping, happy that we all got it down. After lunch we split into 4 groups and 3 went to do home visits while the fourth finished one of the stoves and visited with the family. We all got to take in the bare beauty in the streets of Guatemala while walking to the houses and getting poured on by the rain. I think I can speak for the group that we have all fallen in love with the country of Guatemala. We went back and finished one more rotation of vbs before spending more time dancing with our friends and then having to say adiós and spending more close quality time on the van. When we got home we were happy to see a taco stand outside the house.

We feasted on all kinds of amazing cousins to the taco and were very happy by the end of it. Then we got to do some great group worship and sharing of our favorite moments throughout the day. At that time we were interrupted by this great sound of worship from right outside our door. At the place we are staying they were having a church worship night so we got to go join all the different mission teams from all over in an amazing worship night. It was really moving to be able to worship with our brothers and sisters in Christ just pouring out our hearts to our Lord. After hearing a short sermon about the crucifixion by a pastor from Kentucky, we began another round of testimonies. Very emotional and heartwarming more crying and connections happening. I am very happy to say that all of us are having a fantastic time. We wish we could bring all these people and views back to Colorado. We love and miss all our families but want to assure you all that this is turning out to be the best time of our lives. Please continue your prayers for our family here. 

Thanks for tuning into Guatemala 2k19.

Maya Grant