Salt Lake City July 2019 Day 3

Salt Lake City July 2019 Day 3


Cleaning Up Trash/ Food - Dylan Romine

Today we got to go to the place where sandlot was filmed and we played wiffle ball and the boys won. After we got to get ice cream right across the street. As we were eating our ice cream we got as many cars as we could to honk as they went by. Before all of this we got the privilege to clean up trash and and pass out some canned and dry food. This was just so nice to see how appreciative these people were and how grateful they were. 

Reading/ Soccer - Zoe Baker

Today, we did a lot to start we left to go to Life Church and we split into two groups. I got to help with the the kiddos it is called Outreach. First we had them read to us for 20 min and the the kiddos ages were between 3 - 12 years old. I got to work with two little girls and one little boy. After they read to us, their reward was soccer at first mainly the young kids played and then the older, then we all joyed in. After that we had to say goodbye but, they still had such big smiles on they face. I really enjoyed it I look forward to the rest of the trip. 

Church Clean Up - Greydi Neely

We went to the Life Church, some of us cleaned table and chairs, the rest of us clean fruit for their farmers market and organized clothing for their homeless outreach👗. One of the fun things we did today was going to the SANDLOT where they filmed the movie. We played baseball (the boys won) and then had ice cream 🍦. Thank you for reading!😁

Dylan Romine, Zoe Baker, Greydi Neely