El Salvador May 2019 Day 6

El Salvador May 2019 Day 6

With Mother’s Day in El Salvador coming up on Friday, it was only fitting that we spent our day with nearly 50 moms at the “Good Samaritan” Compassion Project. The moms are a part of the project’s Survival Program. The program works with moms who are pregnant and after they give birth up until the child is a year old. After the baby reaches a year, he/she enters into the main sponsorship program.

We started the morning with a welcoming program, which included a special surprise of confetti showering down from the ceiling as we posed for a group photo upon entering the facility. They got us good on that one!

May 9 welcome party.jpg

May 9 confetti.jpg
After the welcoming program, our group split into two groups. The one group played games with the older children of the project, while the other group had a time of teaching with the moms of the Survival Program. Betsy and Halle took the lead and spent time sharing with the mothers during the teaching time. 

We concluded the morning by pampering the moms. The women on our team helped apply facemasks, braid hair, paint nails and apply makeup. The moms really enjoyed the time and our group did a great job of loving them well. While the women were pampering the moms, the guys were on baby duty, holding and playing with the little ones.

May 9 Halle Friedman giving facials.jpg

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May 9 Wally Hasbrouck holding baby.jpg

In the afternoon, we split into two groups to visit homes of a couple moms who are in the Survival Program. We shared meals with the families and both groups helped make tortillas! It was a special time of learning more about their lives and how Compassion and the local church has helped them.

May 9 home visit Dwayne's group.jpg

May 9 home visits.jpg

May 9 tortillas at home visit.jpg