Summer Serve Rockrimmon June 2019 Day 1

We are excited about our first day of Summer Serve at the Rockrimmon campus from June 9 - 13, 2019. This trips consists of 7th and 8th graders who have chosen to spend their week in Colorado Springs helping those around them! 


In the mornings, we are partnering with Woodmen's Summer Day Camp with Woodmen Kids. Summer Serve Students are serving at Leaders in Training to work alongside kids and help to know the love and care of Christ. You can be specifically praying that Summer Serve students would have courage to have conversations with kids about how much Jesus loves them and that kids coming to camp would have open hearts to receive that message.

In the afternoons, we are heading out into the community to partner with several different organizations to come alongside and support them in whatever way they need. Be praying for students as they get to interact with the people at the places that we would be helpful and even though it might be just pulling weeds, that students would see the Kingdom impact. 

- Hannah Douglas