El Salvador May 2019 Day 3

El Salvador May 2019 Day 3

Monday was another great day for our team of 10 in El Salvador. We ate breakfast at the hotel in Ataco and then our bus took us to Compassion Center #0516 (“For A better Life”) where we were warmly greeted by colorfully dressed children, balloons and large welcome signs! A welcome ceremony followed with the pastor greeting us, songs and games. It impressed us that the children had learned worship songs in English.

May 6 welcoming party.jpg

May 6 Vic and Cindy Schiller and Glenn and Betsy Harrison.jpg

May 6 Glenn and Betsy Harrison and children.jpg

We had a delicious chicken lunch prepared by the cooking teacher and then we split into two groups for home visits. Both groups took “uber” (our nickname for riding in the back of a pick up truck) to the homes of two families with children who attend the Compassion Center - both homes perched very near a cliff. It was heartwarming to visit with these families and their children. We presented them with a large gift of food items from their church.

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After this we went back to the church/Compassion Center and helped the baking class make pizza. Then the parents came to see how their children were doing in the various workshops and we served them pizza. Also, team member David Coons gave a good message to the parents – the importance of loving your children and spending time with them.

We wrapped up the day with a scrumptious dinner at a fine restaurant – baked fish, fresh cooked veggies, garlic bread, and flan. A short debriefing session was held on the porch of our rustic but lovely hotel rooms.