El Salvador May 2019 Day 2

El Salvador May 2019 Day 2

Our Sunday began with a two-plus hour bus ride to the northwest department (state) of Ahuachapan and Mount Sinai church. This church is also the home of Compassion center ES0044. This center is extra special to Woodmen, as it is being launched with funds provided by our church! More on this center further down in the post.

The church rolled out the red carpet, or should I say the oxen-drawn cart, upon arrival. Yes, you did read that correctly, the church transported us to the service on a cart decorated with streamers and pulled by oxen. It was a first-time experience for all of us! After we pulled up to the church building we were greeted with a grand welcome of children and adults lining the sidewalk, and a song played by the worship band as we were led to our seats. Each time I visit a Compassion center, I’m blown away by its hospitality and the excitement to welcome us as guests.

IMG_0727_ox cart cropped.jpg

The church had a program prepared for us during the remainder of the morning. The program included a skit and traditional dance by some of the children. One of our team members, Wally, shared a message with the congregation as well.

May 5 Wally Hasbrouck preaching.jpg

May 5 children performing skit.jpg
After the service, the pastor and center director gave us a tour of the facilities where the Compassion program will happen. This center is still in the process of completing some of the classrooms and plans to open its doors in a couple months. There are 159 children registered in the program, with over 80 already having sponsors! The pastor and director have an incredible vision for the center and are excited for the impact it will have on the children of the church and the community at large.

We had lunch with the staff, before spending the afternoon singing songs, sharing a Bible story, playing games and doing a craft with over 100 children.

May 5 David Coons sharing Bible story.jpg

May 5 games Halle Friedman Linda Sweeney and Cindy Schiller.jpg

May 5 games Vic Schiller and Glenn Harrison.jpg

May 5 music.jpg

We returned to our hotel full of excitement and gratitude for what we were able to experience on our first full day in El Salvador. We can’t wait for what is next!