Estonia April 2019 Day 6

Even though the temperatures yesterday were freezing, we joined a small group of students and Cru leaders on a "bog hike," definitely not something we have in Colorado. The photography club and other students were invited to participate. The hike is just one way to include students in the events hosted by the coffee house to possibly one day draw them into spiritual conversations.

After the past couple of days engaging with University students and developing relationships in Tartu, we made our way back to Tallinn for an early flight tomorrow morning. As we shared about our experiences, a young lady we had interviewed made her way into the coffee house (Agape Kohvik) to use her voucher in exchange for a free drink. We gave her the voucher after she graciously answered questions about her beliefs, God and her interest in learning more. What an encouragement it was for us to see the young student coming to check out Agape Kohvik!

We are filled with the love of the new friends and relationships we began on this trip and will look forward to sharing stories with our friends and family when we return!