Nashville Day #5 - We are loving serving the Kids!

With our normal routine of waking up at 6:15, we got ready then headed downstairs to eat the hotel breakfast while telling each other our comedic dreams from the previous night. After arriving at Proclamation church, we had our morning devotional in the parking lot then headed inside for day 4 of VBS. After finishing up with VBS for the day, we had a quick lunch then headed over to Dave Ramsey's Headquarters for a tour then we were given a speech from a mental health broadcaster to learn more about our futures. After that, we got to meet Dave Ramsey and take a group photo with him. We then got back on the road heading back to Proclamation. On the way we stopped for sonic slushes and Chick-fil-A for dinner. Back at the church, we ate quickly to then welcomed kids in for Parents Night out. We then had an AMAZING evening with around 28 kiddos. This consisted of a ton of fun with dodgeballs and soccer balls and then we watched the Disney movie Moana. We all felt the exhaustion from our service this week, but God helped provide each one of us with strength and energy to spend time with these kids for three extra hours today. After all of the kids left, we had debrief which turned into a circle of hysterical laughs from sleep deprivation along with some conversation that stayed on topic. We finished the night with dessert then headed back to the hotel for lights out at 11-11:30. All in all today was a super fun day that we all really enjoyed!!!


- Sierra & Lily