Nashville Day #5 - Growing as a Team

This morning we started bright and early as per usual with the delicious hotel breakfast. Almost everyone grabbed a cup of coffee and we headed out to our third day of VBS. Kristian started our morning with an amazing devotional and then we headed into the church. We got to learn some more about a couple of Proclamation leaders. It was so fun watching all of our group build connections with the kids—Sam became known as a “goofer” and a “best bud” among some, while others questioned if he could please take off his wig for them. After VBS, we got to visit the second harvest food bank again and in all produced 4,000 meals! After spending a couple hours in the freezer, we headed back to Proclamation with a few frozen fingers and a whole bunch of happy hearts. We then heard Sam, Sadie, and Easton’s testimonies; all three of them were heartfelt and left a meaningful impact on us. After we scrubbed Proclamation’s floor, feeling like Cinderella, we made some delicious hamburgers. We ended the day with Brittany, Amanda, and Kristian’s testimonies. It was powerful to hear about some of our leader’s stories (Amanda’s testimony also made a leader cry). We are excited for the rest of our week!

Till tomorrow or, as Linda would say, “Too-da-loo”,


- Shelby and Elsie