Nashville Day #2 - Church, Hike and Fun!


Today was so fun! We woke up this morning at 7:45 so that we had enough time to eat food and take our time to get ready. We also got to see Elly proudly have 10 pounds of beef which was so funny. After we got ready with my group and then went down to get some breakfast which was some lucky charms and apple juice. Then we got all of our stuff for the day and hopped in the van! W had to get the groceries all sorted out which was fun! Then we drove to the church and we got to do a morning devotional and we talked about how we do good deed to demonstrate our faith not for our own glorification. After we went into the church and we got to help with the parking team and guiding people in the lots which we loved so much. Our new friends David and David helped us out too! then we went into service and worshiped and listened to the sermon which was about suffering and how God is greater than all suffering. After our sermon we all got up and talked to the people at the church. Then we hung out for a little and then we ate lunch. After that we went to a state park called Radnor State park, we saw some wild life and beautiful nature. It was a 2 hour hike and we SLAYED. Then we went back to the hotel, did debrief, listen to Bethany’s testimony. Then we went to the church, Abi, the kid director told us the plan for this week. Then we had dinner and got to know each other better. After cleaned up we wrote in our journals and worshiped. We then did another debrief and nathan’s testimony. then we loaded the vans and came to the hotel and got ready for bed.

- Copey and Madi