Nashville Day #1 - Travel Day


We did a lot of traveling to day. We started our day at Denver Int’l at 8:30 am and landed in Nashville at 6:00 pm local time. We sat in the airport, bonded, flew in planes, jumped into a pool, finished the day with a quick devotional, rules, and a swim in the hotel pool. For meals, we had McDonalds and Dominoes Pizza. Right now I am feeling tired, excited, and curious about how the rest of the week is going to go. As we look forward to the week, we are excited about the VBS. 

A quick story from today. After our devotional today, we were just sitting around the pool and after lots of joking, and encouragement, Nathan jumped into the pool wearing pants. He didn’t bother getting changed. We thought it was pretty funny. 


-James and Easton

- James and Easton