Guatemala College update #6

Today we focused heavily on community. We ate a very delicious morning snack at one of the homes in the village. They served us coffee and sweet bread which was a great start to a great day! The kind teachers allowed us to spend extra time with the kids to play games and do crafts as today was our last day to be together. The beautiful community of Jicamapa also served us a delicious lunch and taught us how to properly cut our mangos.

I specifically poured into four boys, Steve, Ronaldo, David, and Josue. These boys (see photo) have shown me so much love this week and I couldn’t get enough of them! Playing soccer and being embarrassed by my lack of skill was an absolute joy, and saying goodbye to them was the hardest part of the day. This opportunity to build relationship and show love has been a blessing beyond belief.

- Josh, for the Guatemala team