Mexico Mission Trip - Day 3

Mexico Mission Trip - Day 3

Today was incredible. As we started to finish painting the school building and the church, the clouds began to cover the sun. Yes, it is very hot here so that was a blessing haha.

But the best part of today was the time we spent with the children within the orphanage. We played volleyball, painted nails, and climbed trees with the kids.


The best part of my day however was when I was able to paint one of the girls nails. Her name is Kimberly, and she has cerebralpaulsy. The joy I saw in her face can not be described. I instantly saw the happiness within her, the love the spilled out of her smile. This encouraged me because even though her body was in such bad condition, her light made up for it. God is within these people, and they shine brighter than anyone I have ever been around.

I think we can all learn a few lessons from the wonderful amigos in Chiapas, Mexico. They take what God gives them, and they praise Him with thanksgiving through everything they do.

Today was a blast, and I’m becoming sad to know that we have to leave here in a few days. Please continue to pray for the people we are witnessing too, and for our hearts to grow and change in our King Jesus.