Mexico Mission Trip - Day 2

Mexico Mission Trip - Day 2

Today I saw God work in many ways, but the coolest one was during our “Village Outreach time”. During this section of our schedule we put on a program for the kids in a local village. We did some silly songs, a Bible story, and some games that everyone could play together. It was really cool to see all of our high school missionaries (including myself) interact with the kids; most of them didn’t speak any English so we had to make do with hand motions and the little Spanish we know.


The cool part about this was that we were able to establish real friendships with the kids even though our communication was limited. While watching this unfold, I realized that talking to people is not the only way to make a relationship with them, there just has to be something connecting the two of you. Our connection to these kids is our collective love for Christ, and it is super cool to be able to see Him bring us together.