Dominican Republic #5

The athletic team (Andrew, Jeff and Jeff) has had a great connection with John and Josue, who are our leaders.  They are very committed and passionate about the kids in this community, making connections through sports and also by visiting the kids in their homes. They are not only building relationships with the children, but also connecting with the parents and having conversations about the needs of their families.
It’s been amazing to connect with the guys through soccer, not just playing and teaching it, but an opportunity to engage in their lives. To see the relationships develop with the fist pumps, high fives and handshakes as we play together side by side, as brothers in Christ, it grows our hearts in our love for these kids. The language barrier is not an issue while we connect on the field or on the court. The opportunity to share the love of Jesus with a touch or a smile is not only our mission, but a joy to experience as the kids respond to this act of love.  Jeff D. had one little 5 year old boy grab his hand and hold it while standing on the sidelines. You just never know how a simple touch can communicate God’s love.

- The DR Team