Dominican Republic #4

Our team members serving at the education site are developing relationships with the kiddos and loving them in many ways.

Laurentz is helping teach numbers to older kids—ages eight to ten. He has found his place in the community through play. Even though there is a language barrier, he is able to love and bond with the little ones. So far one of his highlights is playing with a little girl by the name of Miflo. He is holding and carrying her throughout each day.

Keyra’s highlights include meeting the people and engaging in the culture while being surrounded by children from the tight-knit local communities. She is showing love by giving earrings to one girl and receiving a hair tie from another. She is moved by children being children even when there is a language barrier. It is entertaining for her to learn from the children, directly or indirectly, some of their slang, language, and games.

Brian is watching his own kiddos interact at the educational site—seeing his children break out of their shells and socialize with the local students has been inspiring. As older students come into the education center with baggage, seeing his kids love on those who are troubled or concerned has brought him joy. He has been watching his daughter, Savannah, hold and care for a little girl named Maluka—cradling her until she fell asleep. He  has also enjoyed seeing Keyra teaching and playing games with the kids, connecting with the community around them—whether it be words in Spanish or wordless games.

Yourdy has enjoyed teaching the kids how to read, speak, and identify shapes and numbers. Being a part of feeding and playing with them has been a delight. He had the opportunity to buy the local students ice cream—clearing out an ice cream truck in the process. Above all, he is appreciating seeing how the kids reciprocate the love given to them.

- The DR Team