Day 7 - High School Estonia - Kedrick Condie

The gain train left at 6:00, but I didn't get up until 8:05. Wednesday night was the last night of camp, and most of us had stayed were up until 3:00 am. Even the workout crew (the self-labeled 'Gain Train') struggle to get up for their morning workout. However, the sleeplessness doesn't matter when there are always so many opportunities and compelling conversations just on the horizon.

Thursday morning started with worship, followed by the final session on hope. The message was about trusting God's plan with hope for the present and future because we believe in Jesus' death and resurrection for our sins. I was excited to have the opportunity to teach on it. Although translating from English to Estonian can be a messy process, it is always amazing to watch the camp engage with the message and bible.

Shortly after small group breakouts, we took a group photo, and students began to be picked up. It was a bittersweet moment to know the week had come to an end, but we were all looking forward to the after-party with all the campers. The main thing that stuck out during this time was how comfortable everyone had become since we all met. It has been less than six days, but in that short time, we have grown to have to share the moments that hit home and to cheer on other's success.

Our group and the others leaders took the rest of the day to recharge. Some caught up on sleep, and others talked and shared their thoughts on all sorts of topics, from Calvinism to the best Estonian snacks.

During the afternoon, some of us, Tyler included, went treasure hunting to find the key for a locked room in our mysterious Soviet-era building. Although we have yet to open the door and discover what surprise is waiting behind it, running around the location is always thrilling. Its been an awsome location for the unique summer camp.

We did our nightly debrief, and it was good to talk through some of the highlights from camp. These last few days starting with camp check-in, have been unexpected yet satisfying. Watching God soften the hearts of many of the campers was inspiring. It encouraged us to look forward to pursuing the other campers who may not have accepted Jesus but were able to build relationships with many of the strong believers here at camp.

Now I plan to catch up on sleep, but the day was great, if only for this reason. We spend time processing not no so we can forget and move on, but so we can remember everything we have experienced.

- Kedrick Condie